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360 Degree Reviews

Self-review and/or appraisal by a direct supervisor can often be enhanced by adding the perceptions and opinions of others inside and external to the organisation.  We create feedback processes and act as an external consultant to facilitate such reviews.

  • High Performance develops 360 Degree feedback approaches for our clients and provides an independent external source to collect and analyse the responses.
  • This performance appraisal data is collected from all around an employee, including his or her peers, subordinates, supervisors and even internal/external customers.

360 Degree Review circles

  • This approach is most often used when assessing leadership and management skills and behaviours (CEO and General Manager reviews are often 360 degree).
  • The main objective usually is to assess learning and development needs and to provide competence-related information for succession planning, not promotion or pay increases.
  • We have found that it is critical that the results of such a 360-degree feedback survey are properly discussed or de-briefed in a positive and constructive manner so that both the individual and organisation benefit.


Assessment of Leadership Competencies


An example of a Leadership Competencies Review

  • We often present the 360 degree feedback to the participant in a one-on-one confidential meeting or where line managers or HR staffs needs to be involved, High Performance helps them prepare for effective discussions with the participants.
  • Feedback conversations start with the provision of a clear framework, or context, for the discussion.  Few people welcome feedback unconditionally. It is therefore helpful to ask people how they feel about the feedback process. This helps to determine how open we can be in the conversation.
  • A good feedback discussion will find patterns of perception and behaviour within the report. Our role as a “debriefer” is to stimulate the participant’s thought processes in identifying patterns, and try to make sense out of patterns.
  • Throughout this process, we encourage the participant to make notes, particularly noting key strengths and areas that might benefit from development.
  • The 360 data takes time, usually a few days, for the participant to fully absorb. For this reason, we generally do not advise development of a complete, personal development plan right away. However, we often begin the process of development in this discussion. The details of a full plan can come later.


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