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Leadership Development Programs

Leadership training occurs at all levels of top performing organisations. High Performance Leadership Workshops are customised to the desired culture, strategic priorities and values of an organisation. Leadership assessment programs provide the opportunity for self-reflection, peer review and 360 degree feedback, and Leadership Executive coaching provides a personal and confidential approach to supporting and developing leader’s skills and [...]

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Management Training

Building high performance teams requires capable people managers. Management training courses can help new leaders understand the basics, and High Performance programs are tailored to specific organisation and manager requirements. Performance Management training goes beyond the process and creates a productive working relationship between manager and staff when both KPIs and behaviours are discussed. Management Leadership training [...]

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Team Building and Effective Communication

Team building requires both a committed and competent manager and team members who understand their responsibilities as team members, not just as individuals with operational priorities. Emotional Intelligence Leadership implies the managers and staff have high self-awareness and an understanding of the behaviours of others. High Performance uses a range of diagnostic assessment approaches to provide managers [...]

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Sales Training and Customer Service Programs

High Performance is a leader in Solution Selling programs and our Sales Training in Australia along with individual business development coaching programs has a proven track record with our clients. Sales Training Programs at High Performance are tailored to each company, marketplace and product life cycle. Staff Development Workshops use role playing, exercises and activities to [...]

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Organisational Development and Staff Training

Our focus is to support the development of organisations to improve their performance. Organisational development involves understanding the current structural, leadership, management and people issues affecting successful growth and sustainable operations. Then, we develop specific solutions which include strategic facilitation, learning and development, executive coaching and structural organisation. Our commitment is to follow up and measure the outcomes [...]

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